MCP Interactive Brochure

MCP Interactive Brochure



I’m so proud to be part of MCP Interactive’s growth. We’re a small design agency, so when we meet prospective clients, a brochure is a good way to show, and not just tell, what we can do for them. I’m happy that my brochure contributes to MCP Interactive’s success.

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SCBD Web Material

Small Chick Big Deals



Social media is actually part of the SCBD brand- they’re a social media marketing company and PR firm as well as a lifestyle blog. Well designed Facebook banners, Twitter headers, Instagram ads, and other social media graphics are vital to the success of Small Chick Big Deals. Here is a small selection of the graphics I created.
Original logo by Antoinette Miles.

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When The Light Turns Blue

When the Light Turns Blue



I designed the front and back of the CD cover, the Facebook Banner to promote the album, and the one sheet advertisement to send to radio DJs for the launch of David Pollack’s “When the Light Turns Blue.”



MCP Interactive Website

MCP Interactive



This is a website I designed as an employee at MCP Interactive. Besides designing and developing the site using WordPress, I designed all of the mock-ups and I collaborated with my coworkers to write the content. Additionally, I helped launch the site on Behanced and Pinterest.
You can view this website at and appreciate this work on


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SCBD Print Material

Small Chick Big Deals



As a Freelance Graphic Designer, I helped launch the Small Chick Big Deals brand and helped it grow from a food blog to a full life-style blog. This included creating a large variety of print materials including advertisements, brochures, and business cards. Original logo by Antoinette Miles.


2014 Pricelist

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